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Essential items to bring with you:

  1. Extra Towel or T-Shirt (or both) for warmth between races

  2. Non fizzy drink – preferably in a sports bottle

  3. Hat and Goggles (optional)

  4. Programme and raffle ticket money (for spectators)

  5. Big Smiles, lots of energy and loud voices for cheering (everyone)



If this is your first time, or even if you have been before, here is some information about what happens at

the Gala and what you need to do.


Please arrive at the Hucknall Leisure Centre no later than 11 o’clock. 


If, for any reason you cannot make the gala on the day, ring or text Alan on 07929 575199 to let him know.


Ask Reception to direct you to the swimming pool changing rooms and Spectator Gallery.


Spectators should make their way to the viewing gallery and swimmers should get changed. 


Swimmers please make sure you put all your belongings into your bag and bring it with you onto poolside – do not leave anything in the changing rooms. The Swimmer Organisers will direct you as to where to go and wait. 


Swimmers are NOT allowed onto the Spectator Gallery whilst wet – this is a health and safety requirement of any gala. Spectators are reminded that only staff involved in running the gala are allowed on poolside. If you leave your seat you should use the steps and not the poolside.


The Gala is run under professional race conditions with ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) Officials and Timekeepers. This gives swimmers the opportunity to perform under race conditions and attain personal best times but also to show proud spectators how hard they all work during their training.  Parents please note that the gala operates under ASA Law and ASA Technical rules which may result in swimmers being disqualified for various breaches of these rules; such as false starts, faulty arm and leg strokes, faulty turns and finishes. Please note that in all such cases the Referee’s decision is final.

You will see from the entry detail sheet that the gala is licensed. Licensed galas are where the competitor is swimming for themselves. Each licensed gala is given a grade, which starts at Level 4 i.e. Club Champs. The results will be forwarded to the ASA, so it’s a good opportunity for swimmers of Cat 1 classification to get their times entered onto the ASA Rankings website. To view these rankings go to http://www.swimming.org/britishswimming/results-and-rankings/rankings/.


Many of our Teaching and Poolside Staff will be at the Gala undertaking different jobs – so you will all have familiar faces to assist with the smooth running of the event, to provide encouragement and give swimmers any information or help.


A warm up session split into boys (all ages) and girls (all ages) will take place before the Gala starts – this allows swimmers to get into the water for 5-10 minutes to get used to the pool and practice a few strokes.  After the warm up swimmers are advised to keep warm with a spare towel or preferably a spare t-shirt (or both).  Experience shows that young children do get cold between races, so adults please encourage swimmers to bring suitable items with them.


Coaches and Stewards will organise swimmers into their race events.


Swimmers are reminded to stay in the pool after they have finished their race until they are asked to climb out by the Referee.


Drinks bottles (no glass) can be used on poolside – but no fizzy drinks please.

Light refreshments are permitted – but not excessive to avoid sickness – squad swimmers often bring jelly to eat to help boost energy levels.


Spectators and swimmers are requested to shout and clap loudly during and after events.  However quiet is essential at the start of each race so that swimmers can hear the starting bleep.


Our Gala will include improvers and squad swimmers.


The top 6 names for each age group/stroke category will be announced during the Gala.


Race points are allocated as follows - 6 for 1st place, 5 for 2nd etc. All ages and all strokes (except the 200m events) count towards the Age Group Trophies.


Trophies/Medals will be awarded at the Presentation Night in November.


Remember to enjoy the event – Good Luck – see you at the Gala

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