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Team Selection Procedure

The aim of the selection is to give an opportunity to as many members as possible of representing Kimberley Swimming Club.


League or Trophy Galas:


Fastest possible Team - times are paramount

Some swimmers may swim more than one individual race

Some swimmers may be taken only for relays

Swimmers may ‘swim up’ to another age group in some events in necessary (only through lack of swimmers OR if a younger swimmer is faster)

Selection Considerations


Team selection takes place as soon as the programme has been received. Once chosen and posted, the selection will only be changed when withdrawals by chosen swimmers makes it necessary.


Teams selected will be posted at the Swimming Club desk and pink slips issued


If a swimmer is not available for any reason, the Club should be told as soon as possible in order that a replacement can be found.


If, on the day of the gala, due to illness or any other reason, a swimmer cannot attend, they should inform the Team Selector (the name on the pink slip) as soon as possible in order that a replacement can be found.


If a swimmer is continually (more than three) unable to swim in galas with no reasonable explanation, or fails to turn up at galas on several (more than two) occasions, they will be asked to leave the squad.


Queries on Team Selection


These can be made verbally to a Team Selector by a parent or swimmer


Complaints on Team Selection


Complaints on team selection by parents or swimmers should be made in writing to the Team Selector, who will then discuss the problem with other members of staff/committee.


If the reply given is not to the satisfaction of the parent or swimmer, the complaint should be forwarded to the Club Secretary who will bring it to the attention of the Committee.

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